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safe1688195 artist:artknorke50 philomena1066 princess celestia94217 princess luna98408 alicorn220947 phoenix1762 pony949920 animated97664 baby10340 baby pony6524 balcony1395 book33078 chair6682 crying42949 cute197138 diaper13302 drool24425 eye shimmer1211 eyes closed91365 eyes on the prize5379 female1346253 filly65390 floppy ears51355 flying37598 foal15341 frown22584 glowing horn19256 gritted teeth11938 horn63897 ice cream4960 ice cream cone580 lens flare1777 levitation11914 lidded eyes30075 lunabetes3502 magic72308 magic aura3947 mare471973 open mouth142104 pink mane793 pink-mane celestia2547 reading6198 sitting62199 smiling243183 stealing355 sun6573 telekinesis27263 tongue out102067 underhoof51206 uvula1992 wide eyes16899 woona5049 yoink61 younger17188


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Background Pony #BE4D
Would I be breaking rules by posting a grimdark woonabuse Luna hate story in this comment section?
Background Pony #499E
people once asked why celly knew an ice cream summoning spell, she just smiled.