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The second roster sheet of the /mlp/ characters.
Note: Please don’t argue about ‘x character has x name already in muh headfanon’

safe2119923 blueberry cake866 brawly beats306 curly winds776 indigo wreath579 microchips1540 some blue guy754 sweet leaf647 velvet sky615 equestria girls249444 equestria girls (movie)8958 /mlp/5802 /nn/ general5 background human6919 chloe commons48 cupcake6765 mary donna26 naomi nobody29 pete pasta6 reference sheet17927 roman roland10 timothy typhoon5


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Writer of the descriptions here:
Yeah I feel like I could have done much better, the 1st part is just superior.  
Expect a re-work of these someday.
@Background Pony #1CD3  
as @Background Pony #0731 said, it’s just a remnant of /mlp/‘s reaction at the 1st EqG trailers, some of us expected the names to be altered to sound more human (it is what caused the birth of “Brad” as a different character) we kept this naming habit to differentiate “our” vision of BG humans.  
It’s pretty much “complete headcanon territory” so you’re free to imagine them with different names.  
(Just a friendly advice: don’t come to the /nn/ thread to say that you want a different name for X character, no change is gonna happen.)
Also, for all those even little curious about this rag-tag band of unlucky bastards, please, come give a look at our humble general on 4chan, “The Bradical Adventures in Canterlot High”.
Background Pony #B83F
why are tehy human names when in eqg the names were still their pony names.. I’ll stick to calling them BG characters over “Timothy” lawl…