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semi-grimdark32700 artist:artknorke50 princess celestia103240 centaur4049 anthro304823 taur1555 anthro centaur303 badass3492 bandage6579 blood27789 bound wings4126 breasts329778 centaurlestia43 female1556083 frown27421 glare8620 injured3747 nosebleed2608 pegataur118 ponytaur465 solo1226862 sword13162 weapon35443


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Escapee from Alcatraz
It’s just this particular picture that looks odd. For most centaurs I’d imagine it’d be quite easy, but for this one… Honestly, it looks like it’s an Anthro Celestia growing out of the neck of a regular Celestia.
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I miss the show so much
I wonder how hard it is for centaurs to maintain balance. Celestia looks like she could trip over at any moment.