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Derpy is pleased by this performance.
safe1616104 edit123100 edited screencap59247 editor:cheezedoodle969 screencap210862 derpy hooves48649 pegasus257452 pony883939 leap of faith694 animated94182 clapping627 cropped46727 cute186317 derpabetes2276 female1286479 gif28858 loop5019 mare439642 reaction image9275 sitting57518 smiling224605 solo1004024


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43 comments posted
Background Pony #13D7
@Keith Mowz
Looks like a typical day on Derpibooru to me…

No, but I've seen not-Mando.

BP was talking about the Braeburn-based background pony that some people think was supposed to be Mandopony.
Background Pony #F396

It was very, VERY quick but I did see him during the first appearance of Flim and Flim as the ponies are heading towards the tent.

Also, rock on Derpy!
Background Pony #C6A9
This is even better with the other things currently in 3 Day Top Scoring box.