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I had some time and wanted to draw some clop thus.  
“B-b-but you’re a horse!”  
“Yeah, a horny one.”

explicit464753 artist:earlybirdspecial24 berry punch7451 berryshine7451 horse4422 human240623 pony1581337 g42006513 69 position3507 anatomically correct35097 anus135303 bedroom eyes81061 blushing268774 bottle5904 butt226652 crotchboobs29917 dock70023 drunk5942 eyes on the prize6775 fluffy19260 grin61935 heart74562 hoers4590 human fetish705 human male8558 human male on mare4477 human on hoers action51 human on horse action77 human on pony action12916 interspecies31219 looking at butt1382 looking back84898 male542716 nipples238794 nudity504915 on back33515 on top1513 open mouth232840 oral64271 plot140943 ponut63052 raised tail24662 realistic2355 realistic anatomy426 sex168420 straight176473 teats11049 unshorn fetlocks45112 vaginal secretions52318 vulva186682 vulvar winking17653 wide eyes19750


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dead account

And your dick will be very difficult to control when she eventually squirts her mare juices right on your face. At that point your dick needs to be inside her immediately to crave her estrus-induced urges for human cock :3
Background Pony #33C4
No. This is exactly the right amount of realism. Her muzzle is still pretty small and delicate but it’s still definitely equine. Muzzles are adorable. I’d kiss both ends of this horse.

Yeah, a fairly wide assortment. Ranging from cute to clop, any gender, any situation - if I like the art, I just might say something :) I do development work, so my work PC is actually mine, I poke around here as a nice break from the monotony lol

(Speaking of weird, this is the first time I’ve seen you comment on a non-macey related image.)
Wierd!? I resemble that remark!
I’m all over the place on here, you’ll find me popping up on a wide assortment of images.
Duck - More bans than I have toes

I’m really happy with the way this turned out,
The tits look great, the face looks great,
We all look forward to more!