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suggestive159649 artist:huebris32 artist:tt-n147 amira294 earth pony312891 pony1205074 saddle arabian722 semi-anthro16913 anklet1087 bed46273 bedroom eyes66932 belly button88764 blue underwear2532 bracelet11459 bridle4066 clothes518561 colored20995 earring24745 female1500513 garter belt4147 lingerie11669 looking at you196081 mare556702 panties54490 piercing48374 saddle2318 sandals4831 solo1182281 stockings38170 underwear66642


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Master Fox

@Master Fox  
After thinking a few seconds I realize it might not be so obvious saying why the Crystal Empire is Russia. Here’s my bullet points.
– Crazy Mad Leader  
King Sombra - Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin  
– Intense snowy climate with blizzards.  
– Beautiful Cities  
Crystal Kingdom - Moscow  
– Amazing Technology ahead of it’s time  
Crystal Train - Sputnik
Both the Crystal Empire and RUSSIA changed from an evil country that causes suffering and slavery of it’s people to a happier place. Russia is working on it still.
Master Fox

Arabian Ponies  
Standard European Ponies  
French Griffons [From the Train Episode]  
Native American Buffalo  
The Crystal Ponies from Siberia [seriously, it looks like it there]
Background Pony #A068
Well, no, the Crystal Empire is a different nation, but it’s basically the same. Essentially, Canada to Equestria’s America.
We also know there is a zebra kingdom somewhere.
Background Pony #50C3
@Background Pony #2469  
So a Western cartoon aimed at a Western audiencehas to embrace non-Western themes, otherwise it’s “disdain.” Go back to Tumblr with your stupidity, and I sincerely hope the next you spout off in real life with this nonsense someone slams your head into a brick wall several dozen times.
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The Anti-Normies
i said: anime PONIES, not poses, which it means an talking all that art with mlp characters doing japanese stuff or looking like animes (humanizations).  
you are stupid.