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safe1971080 screencap263517 apple bloom56356 bulk biceps3677 derpy hooves54001 fluttershy238124 helia291 lucky clover678 rainbow dash259268 scootaloo55475 sweetie belle53437 pegasus406377 pony1322758 equestria games (episode)863 cutie mark crusaders20897 equestria games442 female1602721 hub logo10186 mare618038


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Background Pony #BA40
Anyone else think this is going to be pretty much the extent of Derpy’s appearance: standing or sitting around in the background, doing nothing noticeable?
Where did you get that information? I would think season 5 would start late this year, since they’re currently working on it.

Wand of Inferno
What the heck i need to do to hide the spoilers of the next episode?  
It’s the same over and over, i can’t watch the episode X day and there is alot of spoilers the next day.

final episode of season 4.  
i hope hasbro and dhx will make another amazing season :3
however season 5 wont start until late 2015