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safe1899816 artist:harwick280 angel bunny10484 applejack183591 discord33904 fluttershy231523 pinkie pie233053 princess celestia102370 rainbow dash253257 rarity197920 spike85193 twilight sparkle324620 dragon66854 earth pony330482 pegasus374092 pony1247345 unicorn411433 annoyed6095 applejack is not amused888 artifact1233 big crown thingy2670 book37675 bookshelf4437 candle5576 card3120 carrot2361 cheating185 coin767 dogs playing poker21 duckface1151 element of harmony131 element of magic2802 eyeshadow20611 faic13327 female1536714 floppy ears61201 freckles34209 frown27007 gambling110 game4298 glare8571 glowing horn23692 golden oaks library5724 grin49047 gritted teeth15356 grumpy2856 high res78803 hoof hold10096 horse head38 joker60 levitation13661 library3561 looking at you203596 magic82636 makeup28340 male435255 mane seven7160 mane six34469 mare578192 messy mane8739 mouth hold20242 photoshop3883 plot103901 poker397 poker face207 pouting2144 raised hoof56477 reading7000 smiling309341 smirk14963 smug7270 smugdash778 stressed272 table10666 telekinesis32248 twilight snapple2159 unamused19224 unicorn twilight23588 wall of tags5047 wallpaper19635 wide eyes18346 winning46


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Background Pony #6CA1
Applejack is suspect of dash cheating while pinkie is just happy she’s with her marefriend applejack
Background Pony #6CA1
Rarity is not impressed about her marefriend dash’s technique at cheating
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🎶You got to know when to hold ’me, know when to fold ‘em,  
Know when to walk away, know when to run.  
You never count your money, when you’re sitting at the table.  
There’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealing’s done.🎶
Background Pony #E6EC
I love the expressions:
Rainbow Dash: Awesome and she knows it (if she can walk away from the table without that extra ace slipping out)
AJ: Suspects that something’s fishy, but hasn’t figured it out
Pinkie: Just happy to be be there. And has the best poker face ever.
Twilight: “But this wasn’t in the book!”