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suggestive128308 artist:xniclord789x241 rarity169936 spike74907 sweetie belle46716 pony847750 unicorn267203 absurd resolution63992 beach12831 bikini15854 blushing176213 butt27809 clothes409983 cute177984 female901414 hat76768 male306257 marshmallow1143 nosebleed2170 observer326 plot71294 plot pair947 rear view10211 rearity3690 shipping184281 sparibelle30 sparity6300 spikebelle710 straight121894 sunglasses13007 sweetie butt535 swimsuit24790


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Background Pony #D179

You don't get a nosebleed when you see them naked but you get a nosebleed when they put some clothes on.
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Background Pony #6D9F

Meh, fan interpretations of spikebelle have always pictured Rarity ditching Spike as nuclear waste…and now that I draw a scenario in which Spike for once ditches Rarity, I am called a madman.
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@Background Pony #8B0E
That just sounds like a sick perversion.

- Sex older sister, unstill she can't sex no more.
- Adopt younger sister
- act like the older brother to her.
- brainwash her to be like the older sister.
- Sex younger sister that acts like older sister now.

You're a sick, psychotic person.
You should right the nest drama series that will out do Twilight.
Background Pony #6D9F

It would taste better if he is patient.

He enjoys Rarity first, while meanwhile he nurtures Sweetie Belle, helping her grow into another Rarity completely devoted to her "big bro Spike" and then, when he gets tired of Rarity, or she gets too old, BAM, the plan is set in motion.

He discards the old sister like unwanted merchandise and he will have readily available another sweet marshmallow to devour that just with the right word will fawn for him and kneel at his feet after years of careful conditioning.
Background Pony #6D9F
The perfect plan, after Rarity gets old and cranky, he will ditch her and take the younger sassier sister for more rounds.
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"Like the swimsuits? I thought they were too tight but what do you think?"

And obviously we need a tag for Spike liking both the marshmallow ponies. Sparibelle?