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From left to right:
Sapphire Blitz (rarity & spike)
Princess Morning Mist (celestia & crystal guard captain)
Opal Flare (rarity & spike)
Radiant Aegis (cadence & shining armor)
Prince Shining Romance (cadence & shining armor)
Princess Starlight Swirl (twilight sparkle & flash sentry)
safe (1502291) artist:arcadianphoenix (118) oc (567040) oc only (385537) oc:opal flare (3) oc:prince shining romance (3) oc:princess morning mist (3) oc:princess starlight swirl (3) oc:radiant aegis (3) oc:sapphire blitz (2) crystal pony (3902) dracony (5166) hybrid (13365) pegasus (212990) pony (779354) unicorn (233760) flying (31952) interspecies offspring (5725) looking at you (131452) next generation (5656) offspring (31291) parent:flash sentry (2361) parent:princess cadance (1264) parent:princess celestia (1700) parent:rarity (3250) parent:shining armor (1104) parent:spike (1864) parent:twilight sparkle (6693) parents:flashlight (2035) parents:guardlestia (14) parents:shiningcadance (773) parents:sparity (1152) raised hoof (35222) rearing (4837) smiling (197506) spread wings (44263)


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2 comments posted

I really like the design for Cadance and Shining Armor's older son (I think the younger one is a boy but it's hard to tell). The two next to him (Radiant Aegis and Princess Starlight) are really nice too.
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Rarity and Spike is fine. This looks a little ehhh… not pleasing to the eyes.

Celestia and Crystal Guard captain is new. The design for the kid seems a bit much.

This looks a bit better.

Cute. Is it a girl?
Handsome horse, I like him.

Eww. Flashlight. She's pretty never the less.