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safe1752984 artist:rariedash465 applejack173486 discord31865 fluttershy217489 pinkie pie220429 rainbow dash238840 rarity185818 twilight sparkle306464 zecora9549 alicorn233266 earth pony266900 pegasus310036 pony1012698 unicorn343285 zebra18388 back to back298 band317 bedroom eyes61477 bipedal36247 cowboy hat17240 cutie mark49822 drums1094 eyes closed98344 female1404027 flying39486 full moon3563 glowing horn20583 grin41085 gritted teeth13276 guitar5150 hat90540 hooves18274 horn78034 levitation12591 lineless4059 magic75502 mane six32620 mare503267 microphone5337 moon24134 musical instrument11827 night27425 night sky1871 open mouth154879 ponyville6090 singing6560 sky15013 smiling261784 spread wings57208 stage3196 stars16330 teeth10538 telekinesis28788 tree33607 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126297 wide eyes17418 wings123571


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Rise another day across the distant skies  
Where the dawn above the winter moonlight shines upon the fall of our lives
Background Pony #1029
I’d imagine them singing the song HEATS by Hironobu Kageyama.
And, curious, is there any reason why I can’t put in a link?
Background Pony #0060
the problem with this is that they all have very good voices… so the band has basically 6 lead vocals :)))