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That Little Faggot with the Earring and the Makeup
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Entry Of The Chameleons
I do not like her reformation or redemption, in terms of execution and context. her reformation came in the form of a Rainbow Lobotomy… and her redemption in Rainbow Rocks was nothing more than her wallowing in angst and self-deprecation only to be followed up with her playing the trump card in the end – whatever happened to making amends with those she wronged and proving to them that she changed with her actions rather than her words? but I gotta give her credit for at least working towards redemption – Juniper Montage did far less in “Mirror Magic” than Shimmer did in_Rainbow Rocks*; she did absolutely NOTHING to earn her redemption. had DHX made Sunset more like Vegeta (_Dragon Ball Z**), Peridot (Steven Universe), and Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!*), I would’ve like EqG more. but you guys are right – she’s much more adorable now than as she was as a monster.
*this includes the abridged series, btw.
yeah, she was hella ugleh as a hellspawn.
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Dude, suck it up already.
Bitching about tags like you do on every goddamn EqG is against the rules, FFS.
If it makes you that angry just change it yourself and move on. It’s not that hard.
Mega Rapidash

I hope she keeps trying to be good but ending up doing selfish things, while gradually making her transition from public enemy #1 to a true close friend of the Mane 6. Also, I’d like to know what happened to the real human Sunset.
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I hope we see her like this in the upcoming movie. It would be nice to see her being friends with the mane 6. She learned her lesson and was truly sorry, she deserves to be forgiven and given a chance.