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safe1555794 artist:egophiliac2132 roxie46 roxie rave46 trixie61158 twilight sparkle279859 alicorn191060 earth pony190615 pony826974 unicorn257712 tumblr:inconvenient trixie45 alternate hairstyle23794 angry23479 female880083 hair dryer144 haircut254 inconvenient trixie270 mare404420 mouth hold15194 rearing5081 scissors998 simple background337959 sitting on head120 tumblr35449 twilight is not amused1160 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113768 unamused13364 white background84872 woonoggles605


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14 comments posted
Background Pony #6DC8
Hair changes to Twilight's
"Good grief! Trixie had already an appointment!"

RarityXMaud OTP
"…For Celestia's sake Trixie! I don't think the stylist appreciates your crotch in her face!"

"Trixie does not care. She will suffer through any awkwardness to make Twilight more beautiful.


"Uuuuugh. I'm sorry ma'am…rest assured you'll get a big tip."
Background Pony #0EED
Now I am imagining that throughout the hair cut, the barber tries to ignore a giant pony on her face and act like she isn't even there.

The thought is very amusing to me.