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Cutiemark fix
suggestive128203 artist:kevinsano edits999 edit117831 fluttershy198010 princess celestia90092 alicorn195632 pegasus240195 pony847110 absurd resolution63983 both cutie marks9281 facesitting3001 female900693 flutterlestia69 flutterseat216 lesbian92281 mare416253 plot71260 princess2040 sitting on person396 small wings315 squishy2162 squooshy264 sunbutt3563 wide hips13647


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Hmm I forgot to comment when I faved this. OMG this is beautiful. Though the context seems a bit on the punishment side, can't tell with absolution. I'm more for the erotically affectionate praising of her big divinely royal butt. This is visually beautiful still. Good work kevinsano.
Background Pony #64ED
would it make sense to merge the old one with this? its a decent edit that does improve the image, even if only a little.