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artist needed28935 safe2152801 artist:looji316 blueberry cake871 normal norman982 earth pony437259 pony1580766 equestria girls253119 g42005141 background human6938 base used33284 blushing268621 c:1352 cuddling10629 cute262993 eyes closed136872 female1779289 happy43829 male542389 mare727274 normalcake48 ponified50234 shipping250953 smiling389252 snuggling7387 stallion191405 straight176266


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Background Pony #80D1
Umm. I noticed some of my artwork in the comments. Does anyone have a problem with it? First-flakes-of-snow
Background Pony #2E51
@Background is Best Pony  
Eh, what can you expect when they hardly have agreed on names or personalities either? I think pegasus makes sense for Blueberry because she’s got goggles, though. And Sweet Leaf is easy to make an earth pony because she’s an eco kid and that’s just the natural association.
Background is Best Pony
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Artist -

irrelevant pone
It’s absolutely hilarious how there is no set species for the background humans. I’ve seen Blueberry as a Pegasus and Earth Pony, Mystery Mint as Unicorn or Pegasus, Starlight as Earth Pony or Pegasus, and Drama Letter as an Earth Pony and Unicorn.
Because I can, I’ll list some of the mares that don’t have different species in art (yet.)  
Tennis Match- Earth Pony  
Sweet Leaf- Earth Pony  
Paisley- Pegasus  
Aqua Blossom- Unicorn
Background Pony #1C32
It’s Normal Norman! And Blueberry Sweet? Love seeing the pony versions of the background humans.