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suggestive139474 artist:the-rasp-b147 pinkie pie213286 rainbow dash230494 rarity179089 earth pony237622 pegasus280146 unicorn310948 anthro253586 ass47820 balloonbutt3967 bedroom eyes57983 behind557 bottomless13399 bra15465 breasts269609 chubby13013 clothes448676 dock48384 fat21626 featureless crotch6743 female1335939 frilly underwear4425 line-up1024 looking at you163090 looking back55484 looking back at you13869 mooning316 nudity361449 panties49273 panties around legs2300 panties pulled down3873 partial nudity19895 plotline341 plump7072 polka dot underwear477 rainbutt dash3484 raised tail14871 rearity4352 see-through5090 smiling240293 sports bra3036 tanktop7469 underwear59583 undressing5086 white underwear3479


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Background Pony #51DD
I think Rarity actually has more butt cheek than Pinkie. Most of Pinkie's is hip/thigh/calf/etc.