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suggestive143219 artist:the-rasp-b147 pinkie pie216385 rainbow dash234140 rarity182021 earth pony249459 pegasus292511 unicorn324208 anthro260578 ass49217 balloonbutt4129 bedroom eyes59449 behind571 bottomless13657 bra15928 breasts278104 chubby13162 clothes460298 dock50000 fat22148 featureless crotch6910 female1364891 frilly underwear4468 line-up1043 looking at you168948 looking back57537 looking back at you14751 mooning336 nudity370463 panties50287 panties around legs2323 panties pulled down3945 partial nudity20536 plotline348 plump7184 polka dot underwear486 rainbutt dash3654 raised tail15367 rearity4528 see-through5141 smiling249033 sports bra3230 tanktop7707 underwear60908 undressing5214 white underwear3531


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Background Pony #51DD
I think Rarity actually has more butt cheek than Pinkie. Most of Pinkie's is hip/thigh/calf/etc.