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Practice makes perfect
I knew it when I will come to comment section I won’t find anything than bullshit from Fluttershy fans interesting.
Meh brony
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One magic spider boi
>simple emofuri pic
>dramadramadrama in comments
“Putting Your Hoof Down”: Fluttershy realized what she did was wrong and apologized to Pinkie Pie and Rarity. What else do you want?
“Dragon Quest”: Which ignores the question of how reasonable it was of Rainbow Dash to try to force Fluttershy to go to a migration of creatures she has a severe phobia over.
“Power Ponies”: It wasn’t cowardice that kept her from helping until the end of the episode, it was her inability to get angry and trigger her power.
Fluttershy definitely isn’t perfect, but she’s not the useless karma houdini many of her detractors make her out to be. Likewise, Rainbow Dash isn’t perfect, but she isn’t the heartless, self-centered bitch many of her detractors make her out to be.
Really, blind fanboyism of any character is annoying, doubly so if it leads the fans to run down other characters in order to build their favorites up.
I know it’s been three years but… you whoever you are deserve all of the Internet.