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safe (1522508) artist:mlj-lucarias (96) coco pommel (5309) rarity (164972) spike (72438) human (139495) :< (928) :t (3644) angry (22698) annoyed (4788) belly button (64048) cocospike (41) eyes closed (75580) frown (20887) horned humanization (6034) humanized (91961) jealous (1072) midriff (17598) shipping (176882) smiling (202283)


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Background Pony #CADC
Maybe they could do an episode in season 5 where Spike can't speak and also can't breath fire for the duration of the episode and in the end introduce a new voice by a new male voice actor
Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer
@Background Pony #386F

I'm pretty sure we brought about a plethora already XD

Then again, there's also Haley Joel Osment and James Arnold Taylor. That's not to say Jesse McCartney's a fitting role for Spike. Perhaps Bryce Papenbrook…