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Hasbro offered to let me voice Justin Beiber's wormy assistant Tone Deaf in their Season 5 guest appearance if I'll stop spoiling it.

After careful deliberation I turned it down.
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Background Pony #7734
no, that's wrong, because the fans will break their hearts and ruin the program and get into thr trouble, because the fans break their hearts and ruin the program. a pairing character is not real, like the sonic characters who are not in love.
Background Pony #7734
The shippers are nobody to choose a couple and it's not official because that does not count. that can ruin things to the program and get into trouble. is not real because it is not official


Hm. Why is it "Run out" instead of "Walked out?"

The production of something is called a "run", so when it's over and there's no more of the product, the "run" is "out". "Run out".

Don't quote me on this, I'm no etymologist. This explanation is completely unresearched, pulled directly out of my ass.
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Careful reading is helpful. One letter can change the meaning of all of the meaning of the sentence, the hole thing. (Yes, I did that on purpose. it reads as "whole sentence" without this hole thing being pointed out.)