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suggestive127704 artist:ohohokapi751 applejack158575 flam2015 flim2136 a case for the bass161 equestria girls179696 assisted exposure1698 barefoot24201 barely legal166 belly button67317 blushing175397 breasts238946 busty applejack8492 clothed male nude female1418 clothing theft325 covering3722 embarrassed10054 embarrassed nude exposure2068 exhibitionism7417 feet34425 female896900 flimflamjack31 imminent rape1561 implied rape1337 nudity332947 public nudity2808 stripping549 undressing4634


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Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard (on mine it's "PrtScn"), paste the screenshot into an image editor (Even MS Paint works), crop out the tag and paste into a blank image. If you want, I can post this tag get if you really want it posted.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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I suspect that walking around naked would probably embarrass her less than the banana suit would. Well, unless she got arrested for indecent exposure.
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Joke's on them. Applejack is rich and she always carries a spare hat, clothes, and boots in her car….just in case.
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"Any particular reason why I had to take my clothes off?"

"Well, that banana suit used to be owned by a guy named Walter Wh-"

"Brother, do you want to get sued?!"