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safe1920031 artist:f-nar18 queen chrysalis38347 changeling56555 changeling queen20428 absurd resolution70414 cute228455 cutealis2280 female1555159 glasses74626 happy36882 mirror universe1127 music notes3973 open mouth187705 reversalis270 singing7225 sitting75458 smiling315620 solo1226133 underhoof60004


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Background Pony #402F
With the changeling change in season 6, I started thinking “what if the changelings had simpler moth-like designs”, then I realized, oh yeah, that already happened.

@Plot Lover
“Now imagine if she came across Shining Armor.”
In the words of “Viz” Comic’s Finbarr Saunders (he of the Double Entendres): ‘Oo-er! F-nar-F-nar!’ indeed.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The only, and I literally mean the only thing thing that detracts the quality for me is the glasses. I don’t feel that they work with the composition.

This… this is just TOO sweet <3 <3 <3
As I said on DA, this has to be one of the best Reversalis pictures I’ve ever seen, and I’m honestly not just saying that. This artist not only captured her key features so well, but added just the right details, to really make her look extra warm and comforting :) I also love the way she’s singing like that, and the forest background is a wonderful touch >w<
Definitely a good picture for me to see, just before heading off to bed, as I now plan to do :3