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safe1707648 artist:stinkehund302 apple bloom49565 applejack170026 big macintosh28280 bon bon16374 braeburn6298 cheerilee9983 daring do6421 derpy hooves50179 discord30994 dj pon-329268 doctor whooves10747 fluttershy212801 gilda9631 granny smith5351 iron will1349 little strongheart818 lyra heartstrings29561 mare do well971 nightmare moon16937 octavia melody23773 pinkie pie216325 princess cadance32489 princess celestia95085 princess luna99186 queen chrysalis34820 rainbow dash234086 rarity181972 roseluck5090 scootaloo51284 shining armor23177 spike78830 sweetie belle49061 sweetie drops16374 time turner10743 trixie67535 twilight sparkle300491 vinyl scratch29267 zecora9364 alicorn224687 buffalo935 dragon56377 earth pony249222 griffon27085 minotaur1048 pegasus292281 pony968786 unicorn323950 zebra17731 absurd resolution66250 adorabon654 adorasmith97 apple bloom's bow1382 applejack's hat7362 big macintosh's yoke90 bow28677 braebetes76 cheeribetes412 collar33171 cowboy hat15903 cute199988 cutealis2149 cutedance1253 cuteluck209 cutie mark47751 cutie mark crusaders19040 daring dorable104 discute1019 doctorbetes129 elderly506 eyes closed93675 female1364261 filly66809 foal15432 gildadorable361 hair bow15605 hat86953 heart48423 lyrabetes1370 macabetes524 male373157 mane six31927 mare481244 moonabetes307 poster5277 shining adorable560 smiling248833 stallion109023 tavibetes661 text59593 vinylbetes668 willabetes26 zecorable207


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Background Pony #64DB
I think my favourite mane six would be Fluttershy, favourite princess is Luna, villain Discord, and BP Derpy. So hard to choose when all are so great!

Vinyl Scratch <3 wouldnt mind even being friends with her, im not even looking for sex just a girlfriend to cuddle a kiss with and she is perfect for meh <3 I WUBZ U VINYL :D
Background Pony #B32C
I used to have a crush on Celestia, but then i grew out of it because shes a FLIPPING god for frig sake.