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safe1689682 artist:vector-brony732 oc674126 oc only442745 oc:blackjack2552 oc:boo94 oc:calamity701 oc:hired gun122 oc:homage403 oc:ice dice1 oc:lacunae118 oc:littlepip4059 oc:morning glory (project horizons)424 oc:p-21259 oc:psychoshy66 oc:puppysmiles273 oc:rampage265 oc:scotch tape136 oc:serenity (fallout equestria: heroes)44 oc:steelhooves253 oc:stygius37 oc:velvet remedy1091 oc:xenith158 alicorn221279 balefire phoenix119 bat pony48972 cyborg3813 earth pony242434 pegasus285310 phoenix1762 pony951358 unicorn316146 zebra17474 fallout equestria16795 fallout equestria: heroes114 fallout equestria: pink eyes211 fallout equestria: project horizons2975 applejack's rangers103 armor23523 artificial alicorn304 barbed wire228 bat pony oc17109 bat wings9073 clothes453415 cowboy hat15421 cutie mark47018 cyber legs204 dashite476 fanfic10362 fanfic art14210 fangs24809 female1347618 filly65473 flying37639 foal15349 group3428 gun15785 hat85463 hazmat suit395 hooves17676 horn64157 male367059 mare472779 minigun469 open mouth142377 pipbuck3467 power armor1171 purple alicorn (fo:e)106 raised hoof44844 rocket launcher481 saddle bag5778 simple background387690 spread wings53766 stallion106588 steel ranger311 transparent background199940 vault suit3467 vector76194 weapon30164 wings103911


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Background Pony #5022
Is it bad that Blackjack's cyborg legs remind me of Metal Gear Ray's feet?
Background Pony #183E
All we'd need are our good friends from MN7 and we'd have the Wasteland's happiest dysfunctional family.