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safe2119906 artist:berrypunchrules430 artist:maran-zelde18 screencap287690 blueberry cake866 cherry crash717 cloudy kicks496 curly winds776 diamond tiara11663 drama letter826 fluttershy252213 golden hazel714 mystery mint1012 nolan north518 normal norman980 paisley823 rainbow dash273016 rose heart768 silver spoon7411 snails5737 snips4566 some blue guy754 sophisticata520 starlight811 starshine810 sweet leaf647 tennis match608 velvet sky615 watermelody1118 equestria girls249442 equestria girls (movie)8958 g41934310 rainbow rocks19824 background human6919 chart1011 headcanon2865 mbti50 myers-briggs50


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Background Pony #33CC
Looks like I’m Blueberry/Naomi.Cool! And my best friend is Paisley! Awesome!  
~Background Pony #9C1A
Bronze Bit -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

This is probably one of the only fandoms I can think of that will create entire personalities for characters who appear in the background for all of ten seconds.
Gotta say, it’s actually kind of impressive.