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safe1724731 artist:uotapo952 twilight sparkle302808 alicorn228015 pony984964 unicorn331308 4de367 bed41516 blushing200593 cute202550 eyes closed95423 female1379252 happy31645 hug28654 mare489801 narcissism336 nuzzling4020 open mouth149446 pillow18197 plushie24254 self plushidox61 sitting64252 smiling253670 solo1076563 twiabetes12103 twidoll30 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124787 twilight sparkle plushie74 underhoof52774 unicorn twilight18094 uotapo is trying to murder us180 weapons-grade cute3730


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I see the plushie as a reminder of simpler, carefree times when Twilight's only cares and responsibilities were enjoying life and studying.

I have to point out I question if this would actually make sense. I feel like to a pony, giving them a plush of themselves would be considered uncanny valley to them.
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@Background Pony #E812
That plushie looks suspiciously similar to this one:

…and I can't help but think of that when I look at Twilight hugging that plushie, like she — if you have any idea what this one is about, I won't say it here for fear of spoiling the fun for more people than this is already going to spoil for — enjoys her time in that body. Which is really pretty disturbing.

does it have…parts?
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Young Leosword
One last thing: Her bed requires wings as well.

(It's actually really fucking hard for me to make Twilacorn jokes that work. X3 )
Background Pony #2205
Fourth dimension makes the best plushes, even if the tails are kind of loosely sewed on.