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@Diaper Applejack  
Bad habits generally are, especially in a culture that glorifies it and in an environment that makes it regularly available. The question isn’t if you should stop. It’s why. Is there a better option? If you don’t replace, you’ll just revert. I can recommend filters and steps to take that will help with the struggle. However, the fight won’t happen unless you recognize Jesus as the better option. This advice would apply to anyone struggling with any form of sexual sin.
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@Diaper Applejack  
The short answer is yes. The long answer is why. Masturbation and pornography are just two of many different forms of sexual immorality. Meaning an immoral use of our sexuality. In order to know what “isn’t moral” you first have to define what your standard is of morality in the first place. And by extension, sin as well.  
Sin is an archery term, meaning to miss the bulls eye. When we sin in a Christian context, we are missing the perfect standard God created us for. The Gospel/Good news is that while we all have messed up and still do every day, the God whose standards we have violated came to this world and showed us that while sin is serious, His desire for a relationship with us is greater and laid His own life down to forgive us from Sin’s penalty. A penalty He paid in a moment of verifiable history with over 500 eyewitnesses not only seeing Him die, but rising from the dead to prove who He claimed to be. God Himself offering Himself for our ransom.
A Christian isn’t someone who does everything they can so God will accept you like Joseph Smith taught, (2 Nephi 25:23), but someone who has received a mercy they desperately need and now can love God again from acceptance. Not for acceptance.
Now onto morality. We call something good because of an objective standard as to what good is. Thus anything that isn’t like that standard is evil. Or more modestly, not good. God is the reason we have a sense of right and wrong. His nature is the right from a Christian worldview. If He had a standard for our sexuality, we have to ask two questions. Is my use of it beyond those standards, and why should I trust His standards over my feelings? They both have a fairly straight-forward answer if you are honestly willing to ask the question. God isn’t against sex. He invented it and knows how to make it something far more fulfilling than we could ever make it into on our own. Given the other demonstrations of His character throughout history, I have reason to trust He isn’t the kind of God who would keep something good from us when He freely gave the greatest possible thing to us when we were at our worst. (Romans 5:6-8)
So the answer then is that because sex was intended to be in the context of one husband and one wife for one lifetime, one man or woman on their own for the sake of a bad habit and a distorted picture of a show whose message is intended to be about love relationships rather than sexual exploitation would be outside that standard. Here’s the key though. You don’t stop because it’s naughty. You stop because you know a better option. You know that Jesus died to free you from those habits for a really good reason. Because those images are killing you in more ways than one. From depression and disappointment to simply a distortion of something meant to be beautiful, that’s why you say yes to Him. It’s a daily choice, and for those that also struggle with it, a commitment you have to make sacrifices for. Yet in the end, you’ll find it’s worth it if you know the better option personally. If you’d like to talk about this more, contact me anytime at Shady Oak Ministries on Facebook or Youtube.
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The Book of Mormon is not true. I don’t say that to be mean. I say that because I care about you enough not to fall for something that according to its own standards is a counterfeit. I’m not here to tell you that you’re wrong. I’m willing to give you evidence that this book includes; false prophecies, contradictory doctrines of salvation, and is from an unreliable source. Not according to me. According to the Bible. If you’d like these reasons, please message me on Youtube. MLP Shady Oak Ministries is the channel. If you’re happy where you are, I won’t force this evidence on you. If you want to hear it and show me something I haven’t considered, I’d be happy to have a discussion. I only ask that you’re sincere. That’s all I’m trying to be.
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In addition, the Book of Mormon is a gift to us from a living, loving Heavenly Father.
I wonder if there’s a chance of getting ponies in a reading group, with the Book of Mormon being the subject of discussion.
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“I just accepted someone else’s hearsay testimony…without any empirical evidence whatsoever.”