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So there are some Jews out there who try to poison the water supplies? Good thing I buy my water in the supermarket.
Nah just kidding. I know what you’re trying to say.
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You couldn’t even call that evidence since your basis for it is shoddy at best with no tangible argument but the internet has seen worst conclusions drawn.
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Stereotypes aren’t born out of nowhere or imposed for no reason. There ARE gay people out there who act like the stereotypical flaming queen and even promote such behavior, just like how there’s black people who are indeed gangstas, latinos who are indeed shady drug dealers, japanese who are salarymen, etc.
Those are vocal and loud enough to make themselves noticed, unlike the “non-stereotypical” ones who complain no one takes them into account and notices their unnoticably quiet lives.
In other words, no snowflakism.
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Or maybe people create stereotypes because it pigeonholes others into neat categories and keeps things simple (and in many cases gives them something to feel superior to).  
It inevitably fails because as some people figure out when they actually grow the hell up, life isn’t simple.
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Stereotypes are made by those who refuse to accept that mankind is more than custom or style and more often becomes a tool of the deluded and foolish. Yet many harness such limited aspects of reality to justify and propel their views,even in scenarios when it is beyond obvious that their subscribed point is inappropriately engaged. Such thinking should never be used as an argument in a disscsusion and the clear context of the situation always supersedes whatever “insight” or beliefs any proponent of any biased interpretation might display.
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