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Valiant Spiral

Chaos Within Harmony
I sincerely doubt it. Majin Buu (Kid Buu) was a creature made of malevolence. Unlike Vegeta, Frieza had never done anything out of the ‘goodness’ of his own heart. Any good he did, was purely for his own self-interest. In fact, it’s already been made clear that Frieza prides himself on being evil to the core. Also, as Old Namek can attest, Frieza can survive a planet exploding, while he’s on it.

As for Sombra, you cannot possibly be serious. Sombra is a unicorn, and as such, uses his horn to cast his dark magic. Usage of dark magic, Umbra or not, corrupts the user, and Sombra’s been around for years. Furthermore, the Sombra shown above is the one from the cartoon’s continuity, not the comic’s. Comic!Sombra had Hope, his one remaining friend. Cartoon!Sombra had no friends, and it’s been implied that there are no Umbra or Nightmare Forces in the cartoon continuity.

@Valiant Spiral
Frieza survived it meaning he had good in him. Sombra's horn surviving means that the good part of Sombra ( the soul that was under the control of the Umbra) was probably in it. You have to remember the Spirit Bomb was made specifically to destroy evil and malevolence that's why only Kid Buu was completely killed by it because he was the only being that they don't have any form of redeeming qualities that had been hit by it in Cannon.