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safe1573401 artist:unoriginai756 discord28658 rarity169508 hybrid15171 crack shipping3492 female897481 filly59431 interspecies offspring6345 male304893 offspring34311 parent:discord2893 parent:rarity3561 parents:raricord36 raricord24 shipping183731 simple background344842 straight121515 white background86879


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #2D98
Cute I love this ship but my opt is fluttercord and then discolight then dislestia then raricord and last dispie
Background Pony #AB47
Discord: checkerboard ground and chaotic sky
Rarity: checkerboard sky and chaotic weather

Let the shipping begin!

Matters. I'm still a big Applecord fan, but I'm also a big fan of Dislestia.

Raricord is more of a guilty pleasure.

Other ships…I'm partial to Discolight, but not a huge fan. (It can be an enjoyable read though.)

Fluttercord?…Err, I don't know. I prefer them as friends.

That's about it with the Discord shipping.