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suggestive (114781)artist:sundown (1368)applejack (149368)human (132094)simple ways (1161)applebucking thighs (1821)applebutt (3136)applejewel (597)arched back (124)ass (36539)back (863)backless (542)bedroom eyes (45026)clothes (361338)dress (35570)female (773974)freckles (20957)humanized (88475)impossibly large ass (5409)jacqueline applebuck (238)light skin (4488)looking at you (123073)looking back (42576)scar (8689)solo (885730)solo female (156183)the ass was fat (11207)wide hips (11957)


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(Previously known as SemiJuggao)

Given the physique of Sundown’s Applejack, and the pose, I added an ’arched back’ tag to the mix.

With that said and done, we all saw this coming… And boy, was it worth it! :D
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Background Pony #DEF7
Sundown for president!
We need a leader who has his priorities straight! FAT ASSES should be this nation’s #1 concern. In conclusion, I like the picture
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Comments35 comments posted