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Molestia’s guards kneel before their new princess.
suggestive (115658)artist:dtkraus (445)edit (101759)screencap (178623)spike (69546)twilight sparkle (263869)alicorn (168075)pony (716059)princess twilight sparkle (episode) (2459)bend over (608)bowing (286)face down ass up (6258)female (777486)kneeling (6554)mare (346161)mooning (237)presenting (19455)royal guard (6529)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104248)wat (17734)

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Madness Abe
Twilight: Uh…Guards? I’m right behind you.

Guardspony 1: Sorry, Your Highness. It’s our first day on the job.

Guardspony 2: We’re trying the best we can.

Twilight: It’s alright, Guardsponies…never caught your names.

Guardspony 1: We’re twins. We’re both Assholes.

Spike: ….Alright, if that’s what you want to call yourselves.

Guardspony 2: No it’s true. That’s our real names. Privates Asshole and Private First Class Asshole.

Spike: How many of these guys do we got working for us?

(Every Guardspony in the castle suddenly yells ’YO!’)

Twilight: I’m surrounded by assholes.
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