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Molestia’s guards kneel before their new princess.
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Madness Abe
Twilight: Uh…Guards? I’m right behind you.

Guardspony 1: Sorry, Your Highness. It’s our first day on the job.

Guardspony 2: We’re trying the best we can.

Twilight: It’s alright, Guardsponies…never caught your names.

Guardspony 1: We’re twins. We’re both Assholes.

Spike: ….Alright, if that’s what you want to call yourselves.

Guardspony 2: No it’s true. That’s our real names. Privates Asshole and Private First Class Asshole.

Spike: How many of these guys do we got working for us?

(Every Guardspony in the castle suddenly yells ’YO!’)

Twilight: I’m surrounded by assholes.
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