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safe1971390 artist:celine-artnsfw532 fluttershy238148 pegasus406491 pony1323096 :i1813 blushing238603 brony2840 bronybait3213 c:1302 cute236155 female1603012 fourth wall2357 grayscale43981 heart61136 hi192 looking at you217015 mare618162 monochrome163633 shyabetes16972 simple background501197 sitting78596 smiling331129 solo1268248 spread wings75391 talking to viewer4287 text75951 white background130171 wings174976


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Not again, please sto- * dead again *  
“here lies The Unidentified Changeling, died by adorabetes again. Well that was unexpected, anypony gonna give some flowers for his funeral though?”