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suggestive139613 artist:thepianistmare230 oc666329 oc only438633 oc:klavinova347 pony939765 black hair463 buttcrack617 female1336913 large butt15973 nudity361692 plot76999 plump7073 prone24994 raising leg1 showing off511 silly7357 silly face412 silly pony2965 simple background383801 solo1044220 solo female176920 sultry pose1820 the ass was fat13514 transparent background198195


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Okay, okay, but two things: One, when making comments as, well, you, be sure to label which is administrative and which is "character": "Darling" implies character, but the previous one is clearly administrative.

And two… for some reason, the blog keeps messing up when it tries to load. Any idea what's up? It puts "http://" in twice, automatically.
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Soviet pianist
I don't really mind about insignificant details like that one, ensayne is one artist who doesn't gives a fuck literally about sizes, proportions and everyone is like "OMG SUCH AN AWESOME ARTIST" and it pisses me off because he has his style, not mentioning "coolbloodedtwilight" I have mine at least with logical body proportions, please stop with the bow tie thing