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The final chart for the forseeable future. This one also examines futanari, but this time proportionally for some major characters.

Note: this is a re-up. The original had Carrot Top cropped half-out of the picture and was missing Rainbow Dash and Zecora.
Note: this is another re-up. The previous version was missing Maud.

1. Comparing the Safe:Suggestive:Questionable:Explicit ratio in normal ponies, anthros and humans >>730750

2. Comparing the Safe:Suggestive:Questionable:Explicit ratio for different characters >>731154

3. Comparing the times a character is involved in an image tagged "Lesbian" or "Straight" >>731166

4. Comparing the times certain characters are tagged for breasts >>731214

5. Futanari (General) >>740752

6. Futanari (Comparing proportional frequency of depiction by character)
Without Maud Pie >>740958
With >>742839

7. Fetishes on Derpibooru >>748336

8. (Part 1) The 30 most prolific artists on Derpibooru by image ratings >>913513
(Part 2) The 30 most prolific artists on Derpibooru by image scores >>913544
suggestive129638 apple bloom46800 applejack159822 berry punch6147 berryshine6139 bon bon15452 carrot top5176 cheerilee9393 cup cake3820 derpy hooves48180 diamond tiara9672 dj pon-328069 fluttershy199697 golden harvest5176 lyra heartstrings28063 maud pie11789 mayor mare3053 octavia melody22596 pinkie pie204355 princess cadance30477 princess celestia89793 princess luna94211 queen chrysalis32700 rainbow dash220870 rarity171061 scootaloo49057 silver spoon6169 spitfire12746 sunset shimmer57519 sweetie belle46628 sweetie drops15456 trixie62875 twilight sparkle283740 vinyl scratch28071 zecora8803 pegasus247189 pony856431 derpibooru6852 analysis232 bar chart6 chart823 comparison3996 cutie mark crusaders18102 female1192838 futa41246 futa apple bloom349 futa applejack2638 futa berry punch60 futa bon bon118 futa carrot top19 futa cheerilee109 futa cup cake83 futa derpy hooves410 futa diamond tiara62 futa fluttershy3748 futa lyra heartstrings210 futa maud pie305 futa mayor mare32 futa octavia melody497 futa pinkie pie2375 futa princess cadance716 futa princess celestia2403 futa princess luna2122 futa queen chrysalis1105 futa rainbow dash3361 futa rarity2459 futa scootaloo540 futa silver spoon41 futa spitfire331 futa sunset shimmer647 futa sweetie belle455 futa trixie1036 futa twilight sparkle4835 futa vinyl scratch877 futa zecora344 intersex39347 mane six29674 meta16101


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WELL, I am not surprised in the slightest at the level of maud, not disappointed that fluttershy is a near second though c:
Background Pony #AF32
Sigh. Just to be clear, this chart only shows the results of dividing the count for the futa-character tags ("futa maud", "futaloo" "raritrap", etc) by their respective regular character tags ("maud pie", "scootaloo", "rarity", etc).

The former tags aren't applied consistently at all.