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Seriously though, this movie is the text book example of mixed bag.
It has gorgeous cinematography, fantastic visuals, and a production design that feels like it belongs amongst the Hammer Horror movies in how Gothic and atmospheric it is. Even some of the actors, like Emmy Rossum, deliver a genuinely good and heartfelt performance, and the songs are both catchy and really enjoyable.
However, it also has some really confusing and jittery editing; the singing is rather inconsistent (I know different people have different intonations, but this is like going from Luciano Pavarotti to a cat being strangled under water); it has no semblance of rhythm at all, and this Gerard Butler guy as The Phantom is one of the worst casting decisions I have ever seen in my life.
I guess, when it comes down to it, both the good and the bad balance each other so what comes out is a rather okay movie. Its not the best, but its definitely not the worst. If you are a fan of musicals you should definitely give this one a watch, but if the genre doesnt wow you at all then you should skip it.
And now, if you excuse me, I think I may need a fire extinguisher. These many candles next to a wooden pipe organI think I know why this guy got half his face burnt out.
((Featuring Ace Sleeves as The Phantom))


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