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safe1654534 artist:yaaaco301 sunset shimmer60818 trixie65641 twilight sparkle293629 alicorn214404 pony918979 unicorn302055 black background5139 bust46526 counterparts866 cutie mark45231 cutie mark background1529 female1318074 horn58564 lineless3640 magical trio444 mare456510 moon22743 portrait29904 simple background376080 solo1030537 spread wings51734 stars14833 sun6380 sunshine shimmer163 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120809 twilight's counterparts887 wings96444


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A moon, a sun and a star. It's as if there's a nice little counterpart involved.

Luna = Trixie
Celestia = Sunset
Starswirl = Twilight

Of course this isn't canon or connected but they do resemble well.