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Scooaloo is no longer a kid.


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Background Pony #7705
Imagine Scootaloo finding out about Dash’s interest in Loop de Loop and getting jealous. The fanfic practically writes itself!
Background Pony #BCBE
Fully aware, but for whatever reason this s the only one whose style has bothered me in any way.
Beau Skunky
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
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beau-tiful skunk
Yeesh, and to think Scoots used to practically worship Dashie. Gettin’ a li’l moody, kid?
@Background Pony #D4BD  
To be honest, I actually like the artist, and art style of this issue. I think it’s cute, and funny.
I’m kinda glad to see different art styles in the comic personally. I’d get bored of the art if they drew everything 100% on-model with the show.
Background Pony #BCBE
@Background Pony #F067  
They actually remind me to the pinkie pie costumes, whose entire joke was that they looked just like they did but in such a blown-up manner there was no way they could hide with them. These give the same feel but without the justification of a joke. It’s not bad, mind you, I like the style, but it just looks really weird on an official comic.
Background Pony #BCBE
… You know, as a non-buyer of official merchandise for a long while, I have no right to protest, but am I the only person who found this comic’s style… Ugly? Well, not ugly, but just wrong?