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safe1636836 artist:jeatz-axl586 trixie64906 alicorn210444 pony901919 absurd resolution64789 alicornified5064 bedroom eyes55943 bouquet904 comic104538 female1302792 flower23839 frown22077 heart45371 heart eyes15152 lesbian92925 levitation11387 magic69613 mirror universe455 narcissism318 open mouth133003 race swap13586 self ponidox7649 selfcest2643 shipping191215 smiling229608 the magician and the princess5 tiara3603 trixiecorn441 wide eyes16513 wingding eyes20624


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this what i hate form narcissism! the guy or the girl meat self from a other dimention, 50% of chance is to scare thier other self and other 50% both will fall in love! THIS IS CREEPY!
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Well if you ever get the time here's the link:

In all fairness I should point out that it's going to be a somewhat dark story. Not cupcakes dark of course but somewhere between pg-7 to pg-13.
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Maybe I will, but at some point soon I need to return to my own fics. (Among other things, I accidentally wound up tasking myself with making Cocowhinny a thing.)

I have some other theories and ideas about the mirror verse and the aftermath of the reflections arc, but it would probably be faster if you just read the fic I'm currently writing about it.

Here's my take on it. Celestia's repeat crossing over was what created the rift but it was mirror Luna's face-heel turn that aggravated it by helping Mirror Celestia disrupt the natural balance of the mirror world. When mirror Sombra drained their evil into himself, it undid the damage they caused by restoring balance but otherwise left everything else unchanged.

My headcanon is that in the mirrorverse, Trixie dreamed of being a great wizard but her self-esteem issues held her back. When King Sombra took her under his wing as his apprentice, he helped assuage her doubts by teaching her to embrace what she could do rather than what she couldn't, eventually becoming the Princess of Humility and serving as acting head of state in the aftermath of the Reflections arc as she and the other guardians of Equestria search for their missing king,
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So it's wrong I want to believe Trixie actually learned something from the Alicorn Amulet incident?