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Background Pony #FE8F
I just thought of a (probably false) explanation.
Maybe Twilight is secretly an Anarchist/Communist and is doing all these foolish things to convince the Equestrian proletariat to rise up and overthrow the decadent royalist oppressors by deliberately being a bad example every chance she gets?
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Reading these comments makes me wish I could delete the junk I typed. Season 4 was such a dramatic turbulence and I got sucked into so many Twilight arguments that I hit my tipping point around here.
Millennial Dan
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The sad thing is, Twilight has always been bossy, but now her friends feel compelled by Twilight’s position and achievements (which were never hers alone) to give her word special weight and deference. This makes those instances of hypocrisy and self-righteousness all the more unbecoming.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I am not close-minded. This is not up for debate. I’ve argued about these things several times and I’m tired of stressing out. This is the final time I’m talking about this. Please leave me alone.

Yes it was putting heroes on pedastals. Furthermore, Twilight is anything Celestia wants her to be. Don’t you remember one of her first exchanges of dialogue in ‘Trade Ya!’ ? Instead of working on her spellwork, Celestia has her endlessly studying and focusing all her learning on that because, whoops, she’s a princess now. Even though she has incredible magic, Celestia isn’t known for being a wizard, that’s Starswirled the Bearded, who Twilight wanted to be. Emphasis on ‘wanted’.
And on this particular part it isn’t even a matter of opinion…Twilight OUTRIGHT ADMITS that she wanted to be a wizard and was losing her sense of self due to Celestia trying to make her a princess in the official, DHX approved comics.
In other words, yes it is true hypocrisy, through and through.
Being close-minded about a subject isn’t going to make the subject go away. There’s an old expression about how ‘That’s no way to go through life’, and it holds up to this day. You don’t need to argue, just agree to give it some thought.
Besides, being able to recognize the bad aspects of the show so I can recognize the good in MLP keeps me in the spirits all the same. Its healthy to be open-minded.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Escapee from Alcatraz
No, it wasn’t about keeping heroes on pedestals, it was about being so focused on your hero that you lose track of your own qualities. Twilight, for all her faults regarding Celestia, never thought “Well, Celestia’s so good at being a wizard, all I can aspire to is to be her personal help.”
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Broken Ball of 💽TM21
Don’t recall enough of Falls to answer that, but Twilight was the one telling Dash in Don’t not to keep her hero on a pedestal.
Which, to put it mildly, is hypocritical of her.

To be fair on the “Not warning her friends about Discord”, that could be chalked up to Celestia stupidly telling Twilight to not tell her friends about the situation {Conveniently forgetting that said friends have saved the world with her multiple times now, and that splitting her away from them is a terrible idea}. Same with the Test thing too {Why Celestia thought that a kingdom being in danger is the perfect time to make her take a test, I have no idea}. Yeah, I hate how Celestia has been handled in the show, given the stupid stuff she does and yet we’re suppose to see her as a wise and all-knowing mentor.
As for the Rainbow Falls and Daring Don’t, I really don’t get your problems there. She was just trying to be reasonable and keep RD {Who is still reckless at times despite the heavy character development} in check. Yeah sure, Rainbow Falls could have done it better, but that episode in general was flawed.

@Background Pony #7E36
Really? The same Twilight that was 100% hypocritical and holier then thou in Rainbow Falls, Daring Don’t and several other episodes? The same Twilight who worried more about doing her assignment then saving the crystal empire until the last second, and even after saving the kingdom she actually felt bad about it? This same Twilight who didn’t warn her friends about Discord’s betrayal, risked their lives, and never got criticized for that?
While I agree she never did anything this unsubtle here, we can see the progression from after being rewarded with a giant crystal castle for her ‘perfect judgement’ (gags) to going to this, and outright saying ‘I am the one who should have all the answers’.
Face it…calling Twilight, between Twilight’s Kingdom and Rainbow Rocks period, a protagonist is a big stretch. Twilight’s an okay character, but she is at her absolute worst period here. This is perfectly believable when you consider she’s still off her high from being made the Princess of Friendship.
(I’m SOOO glad that Sunset was able to knock even just a little bit of sense in her. Its kind of ironic that Sunset has to undo Celestia’s damage)
Background Pony #E4CD
Hum, no, this is your paranoia.  
If anything in S4 she was pretty tame, she didn’t do anything NEAR as bad as this.

@Background Pony #7BFF  
As Ponypon said, she’s horrible there too…in the recent show and those particular comics.
Sure, Twilight develops some in the last big comic arc and a little in the movie, but since the continuity is currently after Twilight’s Kingdom…this is our main character, whether we like it or not. Uninvested, unloyal, hypocritical, and holier then thou. There is just the natural progression of S4 Twilight after being rewarded even further. She’s a regular politician ain’t she…:/
No one in Hasbro would even dreamed of letting this get by approval if they didn’t think Twilight needed to hated. What hurts the most about this is that it is completely plausible when compared to her characterization in the show. I just hope this leads to ‘character upheavel’ that the fans can root for.
…and is it just me, or does Rarity’s disheveled mane make her look really badass cause she’s rockin’ it no matter what?