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Because Sweetie is incredibly fun to dress up.

safe1723939 artist:tahublade7409 sweetie belle49328 anthro263878 plantigrade anthro33363 3d77847 boots22364 cartwheel45 clothes466031 daz studio833 dress45120 embarrassed11538 feet40560 frilly underwear4480 happy31628 high res30899 ice cream5102 meme82358 pajamas3323 panties50766 pink underwear4302 raincoat252 school uniform7320 shoes37484 skirt40297 socks67303 sweater14678 underwear61540 wardrobe94


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Everyone is fond of owls
@Dig Dug
Because she's just that fancy.

Also I don't actually have any formal shoes for her at the moment and didn't think to make her sneakers black and less sneaker-y until later. I'm going to say she's at a party and took the first chance to ditch them she could.