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I was bored and didn't like the regular Favorite Pony list so I made my own because I'm random. Don't throw things at me. I don't really know what it takes to be a secondary character, so I put Photo Finish, because she's awesome. The background pony part was hard, so I wheedled it down to two. It goes like this, though. Derpy>Vinyl>Lyra>Octavia>BerryPunch>DoctorWhooves>CarrotTop and Colgate>BonBon. I love love LOVE Screwball, but I didn't know where to put her. :)
safe1555701 bon bon15477 derpy hooves47922 dinky hooves4226 discord28429 dj pon-327907 doctor whooves9991 gilda9033 gummy4785 lyra heartstrings27491 nightmare moon15888 photo finish2499 pinkie pie201416 prince blueblood3793 princess luna93132 queen chrysalis31908 scootaloo48824 sunshower raindrops2193 sweetie drops15477 time turner9976 trixie61154 twist2775 vinyl scratch32002 changeling39073 changeling queen11210 griffon24409 pegasus232494 pony826819 chart833 female879970 lesbian91303 list314 lyrabon3047 mare404353 meta15888 my favorite ponies7 shipping181530


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While Discord, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon are indeed villains, Gilda is not. Nor is Trixie, or Photo Finish or any of the antagonists outside of the four villains. A villain is evil, an antagonist just opposes the protagonist. It's quite possible to have a Hero Antagonist or a Villain Protagonist.

Yeah, I was going to put antagonist but I was to lazy to make the space bigger for it. XD It was like 1:00 am. Thanks for liking it, guys. It sounds dumb, but I thought it was funner to give a more in depth pony opinion. My definite favorite is Derpy. :3