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3D Printed Lithophane Nightlamps

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"S: Why were we hiding these from each other again? "
safe1749840 artist:silfoe1555 night light2406 princess cadance33136 princess celestia96733 shining armor23639 smarty pants1488 alicorn232787 pony1009946 unicorn342042 royal sketchbook611 blushing204535 bowl1681 colt15469 colt shining armor111 cute205621 cutedance1288 dialogue67937 duo64689 duo male and female198 female1401306 filly69594 filly cadance77 foal15737 food72932 grayscale39231 happy32170 male387788 mare501889 messy2222 monochrome152308 pasta427 photo81465 shining adorable578 signature26896 silfoe is trying to murder us82 sketch64524 smiling260711 spaghetti776 stallion115649 vuldorable13 vulgar21147 young1641 younger17757


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