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The elder princesses get really into playing Risk.

Snacks, because sketchiness doesnt always convey it well:

Cel: cupcakes (like regular cake, but tiny and cute!)

L: Moonpies, of course.

T: Hayfries

Cad: Leftover Hearts and Hooves Day candy stash
safe1675942 artist:silfoe1550 princess cadance32255 princess celestia93783 princess luna97919 twilight sparkle296626 alicorn218603 pony938666 royal sketchbook611 abacus89 alicorn tetrarchy1047 board game380 candy6841 cupcake5295 female1335964 french fries542 hay fries100 magic71750 map1305 mare466176 moon pie48 risk11 tabletop game310 telekinesis27049 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122104 visor688


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I've played dozens of games of Risk, and my friends tend to be fairly conservative in their tactics, but I'd say our games have rarely gone over the 4 hour mark.
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well in personal experience this story end like this 9 hours later all snacks gone and no one being killed off yet we all notice the sun is up we have not slept and are now all late for work well to late now lets finish it
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Given that the map is just one big continent, the strategy is drastically altered. No biding one's time in Australia, for example. It's just one big protracted land war.
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Yay, cupcakes! :3

Also, I find it awesome that they play Risk for some reason, I really enjoy that game; and I'd love to see Equestrian Risk released for realzies, if it hasn't been already :D