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a “no lipstick” (or actual lips?) variation of >>753966 (which looks a bit better, in my opinion)
not mine
suggestive148476 artist:johnjoseco4460 artist:king-kakapo1198 color edit7782 edit136042 cheerilee10146 human159129 apple16790 belly button81482 breasts289210 clothes476745 colored19876 female1404039 frilly underwear4509 humanized102011 implied cheerimac61 open clothes2803 open shirt1351 panties51527 ribbon7269 shirt26248 solo1095962 solo female183860 underwear62556


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I suspect this was the incomplete original uploaded to DB without a layer for the lip and blush colors. I had >>753966 supplant it within 15 or so minutes after it was uploaded, but it seems an anon from /mlp/ managed to grab this version before it was replaced.
Normally this would require merging, but I’m not to bothered to report about it. One duplicate with minor difference won’t do a lot of harm. Besides, it still look pleasing enough.
Artist -

This looks nice :) better than the tons of sexually explicit pictures that normally grace this site.
Feel like apologizing for seeing her this way though. I am a gentleman after all.