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Givi cannot be defeated so easily.
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Also I wasn't applauding, obviously, just trying to explain to anon, why this certain rebel is so popular, epic he is (because ANY PERSON, who wouldn't give a crap about shelling IS epic, not because of some cult of personality, duh).
Алсо, у меня есть мнение, что про хохлосрачи ты и сам в курсе.

Applauding photos of certain rebel (in other words certain peoples). Not the political tags.
Especially having in mind a certain type of "politically gifted" (this is euphemism, fuck yeah it is) anonims, who like to name separatist other type of anonims cause that second type is disagreed with first, not because they are separatist (the latter type is actually often not from Ukraine), but because first type just dont like them and often wish death for random people — hohlosrach vulgaris, if you know what I mean.
So it IS legit, as I can tell, anon.

Derpibooru don't need another political tag, THIS political tag Derpibooru don't need even more. Just because the meaning, that some people put into this tag, nyasha.
Epic rebel from the Donetsk, Givi. Dont give a fuck about shelling around, enemy fire and stuff like this. Most times. Stuck in minds of some anons after this video: