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Not what you expect when you think about a pantyfight.
suggestive170631 artist:johnjoseco4501 dj pon-331386 lyra heartstrings31969 octavia melody25877 vinyl scratch31386 human198667 octopus525 angry32242 armpits45011 belly button94277 blushing235293 breasts336760 choker17004 clothes551008 colored pupils11757 cutie mark on human2367 ear piercing34836 earring26729 erect nipples14214 eye contact7280 female1582285 females only14924 frilly underwear4692 grin51730 hat106739 headband4526 human ponidox3892 humanized109102 jewelry88986 looking at each other26981 midriff21441 mouth hold20855 ninja953 nipple outline9509 octaviapus111 open mouth193751 panties56892 photoshop3907 piercing52419 pirate2727 pirate hat678 purple underwear2314 seapony lyra279 shocked8749 short shirt1931 signature34298 smiling324431 species swap23388 surprised11086 sword13389 sword fight82 tanktop9420 tricorne70 underwear69838 wat20693 weapon36139 white underwear3686 wide eyes18687


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With the text less version of a human Octavia and vinyl scratch having a battle in their panties of a sea-pony Lyra heartstrings and Octavia as an octopus when they have raged a battle. With another story in the artist’s gallery of a sea-pony Lyra and Octavia as an octopus having Luna’s bikini leaving her to be skinny dipping.

aka TR][ODES
there was a popular head cannon where Lyra was secretly a Seapony. and since the artist did a Octopus Octavia, they must of though a seapony Lyra was fitting.
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Because COLORING!!
Apparently JJ did this by request, so what I’m wondering is: how exactly was this request phrased? How much or how little detail did the requester put into describing what kind of image he wanted to see? What precise words did he use to communicate the idea of Pirate Octotavia and Ninja Sea Pony Lyra swordfighting whislt riding in human Octavia’s and human Vinyl’s panties?
It has to be hilarious! I need to know! >_<
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

This fight could last forever! Octaviapus has the ultimate suction grip, but Seapony-Lyra has that curvy tail she can use to, um, “anchor” herself…
I want x-ray glasses now…
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t like it… because I do…  
But I can’t imagine Octavia wearing nothing but panties and a tank top.
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I don’t understand though, since that’s Vinyl Scratch to the right, why there’s Lyra coming out of Octavia’s pants :\