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I accidentally mistooke a segment of her hair as a stray line. I only realized this as I was adding my signature, so I just removed the line entirely. Sorry :D
The grey is a crude imitation of the Derpiboo.ru background color. I couldn’t find anything else that didn’t make Luna look weird while also making some sort of sense (given she’s in a bloody wall…)
source needed17357 useless source url3646 suggestive165195 artist:bluntwhiskey579 artist:php7133 princess luna106521 alicorn260797 pony1247451 butt149039 buttstuck428 clothes533405 colored21389 dialogue75857 dock58508 female1536830 frown27009 full body glory hole702 glory hole2189 looking at you203623 looking back69364 mare578260 moonbutt4038 plot103913 socks77513 solo1211063 solo female199504 striped socks24206 stuck3164 through wall979 underhoof59235 wide eyes18346


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well i was gonna help you but your gonna be rude so i am gonna leave you their