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suggestive137061 artist:thepianistmare229 oc654439 oc only432492 oc:klavinova346 belly button74094 black hair435 blushing189476 clothes441950 female1320566 legs7900 simple background377162 socks63716 solo1032449 solo female175533 spread legs18241 sultry pose1798 tights613 transparent background195158


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💙Glass Sight's Chocopon💙
The highlights in your mane, the tone of your body, the thighs, the delicate blush, those eyes that never fail…
Klavy, you look absolutely gorgeous! Each of your pics seem to get better and better. I absolutely adore this! <3

Aww, a cute color choice that matches her blushing, beautifully. A darker color might give off more of a "sexy" sort of vibe, but considering how she's smiling in such an adorable manner, she's definitely modeling the stockings to be used for more of a "cute" look.

So beautiful, and a great way to show off a very basic pose, while having something in it to tip the mood to your preferred direction. Well done.