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safe1555808 artist:totallynotabronyfim230 applejack157282 fluttershy195818 pinkie pie201424 rainbow dash217248 rarity167973 sunset shimmer56678 equestria girls177490 airsoft114 aks-74u26 boots18298 gun14383 humane five2681 humane six2567 m16132 m428 m4a159 m6038 mosin nagant62 safety goggles304 shooting for friendship11 trigger discipline217


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I like Pinkie's Contra headband. She looks ready to destroy the vile Red Falcon and save the universe, and then she should consider herself a hero :3
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This cykas my blyats
Look, I know the Mosin-Nagant's been around for longer than most people, but I don't think it's a good choice for a designated marksman anymore.
Use an Dragunov or a SV-98 if you want to go for a bolt-action.