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all my bits to Tom (the rock.)

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all my bits to luna

This guy knows what's up.

all my bits to luna
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since I'm a girl 5 bits of flim! I know I'm weird
Dry and Dusty

I am a capsule of energy
3 bits for vinyl :3
2 bits for aloe or lotus, not really sure. Maybe I'd try to be nice and convince them to cooperate :D
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5 bits on spitfire :D

Bringer of Magic
5 bits, Twilight! Yes!
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Fleur's biggest fan
5 bit kiss with Fleur de Lis

5 Bits on Flutters.
I mean. Come on!

I like sneaking up on them and licking them.
Kissing is overrated.


I want desktop ponies back.
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5 bits on Pinkie.
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All 5 bits to Lyra! :D
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Long kiss with Shining.
Leo Dane

I go to the bank, withdraw 200 bits, THEN MAKE OUT WITH ALL OF THEM

You and me both, but I would rather Trixie kiss me instead of me kissing her. (There is a difference)
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Octavia for the 5 bit kiss.

Victim of Thanos
Tosses the five bits on the booth that Twilight, Lyra and Trixie are at, then gives Trixie a long and romantic kiss.
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I pick Rainbow, romantic kiss.

I Open at the Close
1 Bit each for Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Luna.
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I pick Twilight!!!
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hands Derpy 5 bits

Stay away from my waifu
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None. All bits for cider :v
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Grabs Vinyl 5 BITS.